6 Things You Need to Know About the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

6 Things You Need to Know About the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

Have you been obsessed with the Chevy Camaro since its first incarnation way back in 1966? If so, you probably wait in eager anticipation for each new model, hoping not to be disappointed. Well come 2016, you may just be pleasantly surprised. News is starting to emerge about this highly-anticipated ride, and here are just a few of the interesting facts about the latest Camaro SS.

1. A Better Body On Multiple Levels

The designers of the new Camaro took notes and created an improved body shape that both makes the car stronger and easier to maneuver. As a matter of fact, the unibody platform is actually 28% stronger than the old Zeta chassis in previous models and the aluminum body trims about 200 pounds. The car is also easier to park due to a wheelbase that has been reduced by two inches.

2. The 2016 Camaro Is Faster Than Ever

This new ride officially becomes the most powerful Camaro SS in history, with a 6.2-liter, 455-horsepower V-8 engine, as well as the option to go with a six speed manual or an eight speed automatic transmission. The mid-range model comes with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine, while the basic model comes equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.


3. Completely New For 2016

The engineers really started from scratch on this one, and even though the car may look similar to previous models, this ride was built with all brand new parts. As a matter of fact, the only two things that were taken from the previous fifth-generation car are the SS badge and the iconic bowtie emblem.

4. The interior Is Loaded With Tech

There are tons of cool toys inside including a Spectrum lighting system that gives you the option of 24 different types of ambient light effects for the doors, dash and center console. There are also HVAC rings around the temp and fan vents/knobs, as well as dual 8-inch viewing monitors.


5. Even the Roof is Exciting

Another surprising feature on the new Camaro is that the roof, rather than being MIG-welded to the vehicle, is actually laser-welded to the vehicle, which makes for less handwork and a more impressive look.

6. Still Retro After All These Years

This vehicle is a godsend for anyone who still loves the look of the old school Camaros. It takes much of its style from the original 1967-1969 versions of the ride, which means less of those blocky lines and a much leaner look. Nothing ever truly matches to the original, but this ride sure tries.

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