Forced Induction

Forced Induction

8. Forced Induction

Small displacement, lots of power. Forced induction is one of the easiest ways to greatly increase engine power. To start things off, a quick video on the purpose of forced induction.

Next, let's look at how a turbocharger creates boost, and the components involved that aid in the functioning of a turbocharger.

A downside of turbochargers when compared to superchargers is turbo lag. This means the throttle response is not instantaneous, as the turbine has to spool up before the engine can produce extra horsepower. See the video for insight on this topic:

Turbochargers are interesting devices, and they got me thinking. What if it was possible to have an engine that could have an on/off selectable turbocharger?

The other common type of forced induction is the supercharger. Superchargers are belt driven compressors which force additional air into the engine, allowing more fuel to be burned, increasing power output. The following video will explain how superchargers work in detail, and will go into how the roots style supercharger works.

Other types of superchargers include centrifugal superchargers and twin-screw superchargers, as described below.

There are some automotive topics that don't easily fall into a specialized category. The next lesson will look at several special topics. Examples include the Nissan GT-R and KERS.

Lesson 9: Special Automotive Topics

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