Overview: The New McLaren 675 LT

Overview: The New McLaren 675 LT

by Everett Van Horn

Although the new McLaren 675LT is not really a whole new McLaren, it's definitely an improvement upon the 650S. The 675LT will feature a new carbon fiber aero kit with a splitter that is 50% larger than the 650S splitter, as well as being around 220 pounds lighter than the 650S thanks to a new exhaust set up, carbon fiber bits and new carbon fiber seats.

The 675LT will still have the same lightning fast seven speed dual clutch gearbox that's in the 650S as well as the same twin turbocharged V8, but now McLaren has managed to squeeze out an extra 25 horses and 16 lb-ft of torque. Power is still sent to the rear wheels, but McLaren claims that the 675LT is 0.1 seconds quicker to 60 than the 650S.

As for the interior, McLaren says that it is "stripped out" but still a comfortable enough ride to be used every day. McLaren has not given any actual information regarding the suspension, but it's rumored that the suspension will be the same as in the 650S. For now the 675LT will only be offered in coupe form, and will be a limited run with a starting price somewhere around $345,000.

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