Special Automotive Topics

Special Automotive Topics

9. Special Automotive Topics

This is more of a smorgasbord of automotive information rather than a lesson. Nonetheless, there are important topics within, and interesting videos highlighting specific vehicles. First off, we'll start with an engineering masterpiece, the Nissan GT-R.

After watching a video of a vehicle which seems to defy physics and break frictional laws, let's take a look at tire grip, using the traction circle:

Hybrid vehicles aren't necessarily cool. But adding horsepower to your vehicle by recovering energy lost in braking is! It's what makes the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid so special, and so awesome. Check out the video on KERS below:

Nowadays fuel economy is everything, but the American people are still obsessed with power (myself included). So how do we meet both demands? One attempt is through the use of cylinder deactivation, where half of the engine cylinders shut down and no longer receive fuel.

Speaking of American cars, how about Chrysler's famous HEMI engine? It's impressive because of how much power it produces, right? Or is it? Find out more in the following video about the well marketed HEMI engine.

Everyone loves Mythbusters. Well, not everyone. But in this next video I explain whether it's better to leave your truck tailgate up or down while driving. It's not entirely intuitive:

When I first started learning about cars, I was always curious why convertibles were always heavier than hardtops. That didn't make sense to me. After becoming an engineer, the reason was quite clear, rigidity:

Finally, a video that was actually a job application for Motor Trend's Wide Open Throttle series. The person selected for the position is a slightly more attractive than myself, blonde female, but I won't blame that for not getting the job. Anyways here's a quick attempt at what I like to think of as my most interesting job application.

Stay tuned for future lessons, Formula 1 is currently a work in progress, and the lesson should be released in early October.

Lesson 10: Formula 1

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